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One weakness of paper forms is that the data contained within them is useless unless you pay someone to enter the data into some sort of database. We've created methods for you to get your data into usable formats for review and analysis.

Data Exports

Within the Application Administrator we provide you with a detailed export tool. You can create your export blueprints and save them for future exports. Options include:

Data Integration

Data Integration is used when you want to get some or all of the data into your local database. We provide you with a way to associated your application to your local database by giving you the ability to input the unique ID. When this is done, we can then provide the data to you at a location that you can download. When you download the data you can insert the information into your local data systems tables, associated to the proper location. Don't worry, we are experts at setting up this process and will help you! Please contact us for more information.









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