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Event Dates

Farmers Markets: Event start date is the 1st day of the market and the Event End Date is the last day of the season

NOTE: Additional fees will be applied to events starting in less than 14 days from the application submission date.

Event Name

Event Street Address

Event City
Start Date
End Date
Food Service
Food Service

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Menu Items
  • Menu: Only food items listed will be approved to serve. Approval for any changes must be requested before the event.
  • Any food that requires cooling must be prepared at an approved kitchen. No cooling is allowed at a temporary event.
  • Transportation: Any food found in the Danger Zone above 41°F and below 135°F will be discarded

MENU: Below list all food, beverages and condiments that will be served. To add a new food item, click on the button.

Where will the food be purchased?

 Food ItemPrep LocationThawCut/AssembleCook ProcessCool ProcessTransportReheatHot/Cold Holding
Example: Vegetable SoupBoothMicrowave/Immediately cookCut Raw VegetablesOn Stove 165FIce BathColdN/AOn Stove at 135F