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Question Section
Food Preparation
Does your operation require any of the following:
  • Advanced menu preparation
  • Use of fruits and or vegetables that are not purchased pre-washed or pre-cut
  • Food preparation for an event lasting longer than one day (requires access to a 3 compartment sink for dishwashing)
Does your temporary set-up include a food truck or trailer or other structure that employees need to get into to work?
Event Equipment List
Which method of hand washing station will your operation utilize?

Warm handwash water, soap, and paper towels are required at all times.

An approved sanitizer method is required to be maintained at 50-100 ppm bleach solution. Which method(s) will your operation utilize?

I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the "Temporary Events Operating Requirements" handout, including the operating requirements outlined in the Phase 2 and 3 Miscellaneous Venues COVID-19 Requirements. I understand that if I don’t comply with the requirements, my establishment will be closed.
I certify that a Person In Charge (PIC) with a valid Washington food worker card will be present in the temporary food establishment at all times.
I understand that it is required that I have a bathroom facility available within 200 feet of my operation.
I certify that the permit category that I have selected matches the requirements set forth within the Temporary Food Establishment Fee Schedule and Guidelines, and that I may be closed or charged additional fees for incorrect information.
I understand that if critical violations are found during the operation under this permit, a reinspection fee may be assessed by the Health District at the current fee schedule rate.
I understand that if the information that has been supplied is incorrect or changes, I am responsible for updating the Health District. If the Health District attempts to perform an inspection based upon incorrect information provided, I may be charged a reinspection fee.
I understand that if my operation requires an approved kitchen that I must submit a signed Commissary Kitchen Agreement form authorizing my operation to use the approved kitchen (If N/A answer Yes).

Failing to attach the Commissary Kitchen Agreement Form, for operations requiring the use of an approved kitchen, may result in delay or denial of this application.
Permit Categories (Informational)

Certain foods and beverages that have minimal risk of causing foodborne illness may be exempted from permit fees. However, we must review your food items through this form. Please review the Kitsap Exempt Handout for details on what qualifies.
Supplemental Information
Please provide any additional information which you feel is helpful for us to know about your operation.
Additional Information
Specific Attachments
NOTE: PDF, JPG and GIF files are allowed. File size limit is 10 Megabytes.
Items marked with * are required. 

USDA license
If you are licensed through the United States Department of Agriculture, please attach a copy of the license.

Commissary Kitchen Agreement Form
Operations which require a commissary kitchen must attach the Commissary Kitchen Agreement Form.

WSDA license
If you are licensed through the Washington State Department of Agriculture, please attach a copy of the license.

WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries cert
If your temporary set-up includes a food truck or trailer that employees need to enter please attach a certification of approval for the unit from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

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